New Arrivals

Troubling Terrains: Tactics for Traversing and Transforming Contemporary Education Research
Author: edited by Robyn Henderson and Patrick Alan Danaher. Edition: 2008. Description: This book engages with the idea of educational research as locations, as places, as sites, as spaces as terrains. It explores multiple ways in which these t...Read More
Sustaining Synergies: Collaborative Research and Researching Collaboration
Author: edited by Catherine H. Arden. Edition: 2010. Description: This book explores the experiences, expectations, potential pitfalls and possible outcomes of team-based education research and publishing. It addresses vitally important questio...Read More
Identity Work in the Contemporary University: Exploring an Uneasy Profession
Author: Jan Smith, Julie Rattray, Tai Peseta and Daphne Loads. Edition: 2016. Description: Academic identities research is a growing area of scholarly enquiry especially as academics themselves question the evolving nature of their roles in rap...Read More
A Literature Companion for Teachers
Author: Lorraine McDonald. Edition: 2nd edition. 2018. Description: The enriched revision and update of Lorraine McDonald's best selling title includes up-to-date Australian Curriculum links and coverage along with new research, a new chapter o...Read More
Tell Me Your Story : Confirming Identity and Engaging Writers in the Middle Years
Author: Jannet Dutton, Jacqueline D’Warte, Joanne Rossbridge, Kathy Rushton. Edition: 2018. Description: Valuing the linguistic and cultural heritage of students is an important way to develop inclusivity and connectedness and to promote well...Read More
Becoming a Meaning Maker: Talk and Interaction in the Dialogic Classroom
Author: Christine Edwards-Groves and Christina Davidson. Edition: 2017. Description: Becoming a Meaning Maker aims to provide core understandings that allow educators to say definitive things about talk and interaction in classrooms so as to br...Read More
Narratives of Learning Through International Professional Experience
Author: Edited by Ange Fitzgerld, Graham Parr, Judy Williams. Edition: 2017. Description: This book presents a collection of research-based narratives exploring the learning of pre-service teachers and teacher educators in a range of internatio...Read More
Quantitative Social Science : An Introduction
Author: Kosuke Imai. Edition: 2017. Description: Quantitative analysis is an increasingly essential skill for social science research, yet students in the social sciences and related areas typically receive little training in it--or if they do,...Read More
The Alphabetic Principle and Beyond : Surveying the Landscape
Author: Edited by Robyn Cox, Susan Feez, Lorraine Beveridge. Edition: 2019. Description: "The genesis of the idea for The alphabetic principle and beyond can be found in the current prioritising of the alphabetic principle in the teaching of ea...Read More