New Arrivals

Sturdevant’s Art and Science of Operative Dentistry
Author: Andre V. Ritter Edition: 7th edition. 2019. Description: Get a better picture of operative dentistry from the most complete text on the market. Using a heavily illustrated, step-by-step approach. This book helps you master the fundament...Read More
Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials
Author: Kenneth J. Anusavice, Chiayi Shen and H. Ralph Rawls Edition- 12th edition. 2013. Description: Scientifically based source of information in the field of dental materials science. It presents up-to-date information on materials that are...Read More
Endodontics: Principles and Practice
Author: Mahmoud Torabinejad, Richard E. Walton and Ashraf Fouad. Edition- 5th edition. 2015. Description: International contributors share guidelines, expertise, and their clinical experience with contemporary technologies and procedures. Full...Read More
Passage of Change: Law Society and Governance in the Pacific
Author: Anita Jowitt and Tess Newton Cain. Edition: 2010. Description: Numerous issues face Pacific states trying to find their way in the early 21st century. Countries are striving to secure the benefits of modernisation. Governance, law and o...Read More
O’Sullivan & Hilliard’s the Law of Contract
Author: Janet O'Sullivan. Edition: 8th edition. 2018. Description: The Core Text Series takes the reader straight to the heart of the subject, providing an invaluable and reliable guide for students of law at all levels. Written by leading acad...Read More
Globalisation and Governance in the Pacific Islands
Author: Stewart Firth. Edition: 2006. Description: The Pacific Islands are feeling the effects of globalisation. Free trade in sugar and garments is threatening two of Fiji's key industries. At the same time other opportunities are emerging. La...Read More
Introduction to Management
Author: Colin Combe. Edition: 2014. Description: This new textbook covers all of the core topics found on Introduction to Management modules, and the author's clear, accessible writing style guides students through the world of management. Inno...Read More
Dentistry, Dental Practice, and the Community
Author: Brian A. Burt and Stephen A. Eklund. Edition: 6th edition. 2005. Description: This great resource presents dentistry and dental practice against the ever-changing backdrop of economic, technological, and demographic trends, as well as t...Read More
An Advanced Textbook on Biodiversity : Principles and Practice
Author: K.V. Krishnamurthy. Edition: 2003. Description: Biodiversity has now become a multidisciplinary subject in which concepts, ideas and methodologies have been contributed by a number of other disciplines. However, there is a dearth of compr...Read More
Changing University Learning & Teaching: Engaging and Mobilising Leadership, Quality and Technology
Author: edited by Jeane McConachie. Description:  This book seeks to contribute original and significant research to the field of university learning and teaching. The increasing prominence of this field is reflected in the growing influence of i...Read More