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Incidence and Exploration of the Knowledge, Barriers and Control of Leptospirosis in the Central Division, Fiji : A Mixed Method Study
Authors: Kolosa Matebalavu Description: The aim of this study is to determine the incidence of human leptospirosis in the central division and to describe the demographic characteristics of leptospirosis patients. it also includes the assessment o...Read More
Awarness and Practices Among Barbers Regarding Health Hazards Associated with Their Profession : A Mixed Method Study
Authors: Dip Chand Description: Barbershops are places of risk of spreading many communicable diseases. Several factors are involved in transmission of disease of disease in this trade including lack of awareness, lack of personal hygiene and lack...Read More
Patients, Dental Staff and Dental Managers Perception on Services Provided by the Colonial War Memorial (CWMH) Dental Clinic: A Qualitative Study
Authors: Richard Diwakaran Nair Description: Oral health can influence the quality of an individual’s life. Patients visit a dental clinic particularly a public facility to access dentistry services at a reasonable cost and without compromised c...Read More
Percerptions of Parents and Health Care Workers Towards Childhood Immunisation in Suva, Fiji: A Qualitative Study
Authors: Preeti Balgovind Description: This research aimed to assess and understand parent’s /caregivers perceptions and attitudes towards childhood immunization in Fiji. This research also aimed to understand the perceptions, knowledge and atti...Read More
Factors Contributing to Burnout Among Nurses in Vaiola Hospital, The kingdom of Tonga : A Qualitative Study
Authors: Lile Tonga Taufa Description: Burnout is characterized by emotional exhaustion, adverse detachment from patients and colleagues and a lack of confidence in being able to do one’s job. Burnout develops when there is a prolonged mismatch ...Read More
Factors Contributing to Overweight and Obesity Among High School Students in Kiribati: A Qualitative Study
Authors: Tanebu Julia Tong Description: Overweight and obesity is an unsympathetic issue that poses significant social concern and health distress among the growing generations nationally and internationally. Literature highlighted that overweight...Read More
Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Imaging
Author: Lynn N McKinnis Description: Here’s everything you need to know about musculoskeletal imaging, step-by-step you’ll build a foundation in radiological science and then learn to accurately interpret imaging studies and understand written...Read More
The Sectional Anatomy Learning System
Authors: Edith J Applegate Volume: 1 Description: Presents detailed, readable descriptions of sectional anatomy of the entire body broken down into body systems. It focuses on how different structures within a system are related, so you can for...Read More
The Sectional Anatomy Learning System
Authors: Edith J Applegate Volume: 2 Description: is an interactive workbook with coloring, labeling, and other exercises designed to help you identify the structures most commonly encountered in various imaging techniques. Location- Pasifik...Read More
Practical Ultrasound: An Illustrated Guide
Authors: Jane Alty, Edward Hoey  Edition: 2nd Description: In the hands of a skilled operator, ultrasound scanning is a simple and easy procedure. However, reaching that level of proficiency can be a long and tedious process. Commended by the ...Read More