Nursing – A way of Life
Patricia Khan brings compassion, comfort and a sense of hope in the lives of people who are not well.  A nurse by profession, Khan set on a journey to care for others inspired by her mother who was a Senior Nurse.  Khan’s life wasn’t easy as her father had passed away when she was nine years old. She however proudly admits the void was never felt as her mother proficiently took on the role as the ‘head’ of the house. “We did have some tough times when I was growi...Read More
One Step at a Time
Cervical cancer can be prevented and can be cured if it is detected early.  This is the message, Dr Amanda Noovao Hill, an alumnus of the Fiji School of Medicine (FSM), now FNU’s College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (CMNHS) and the current Acting Head of Department-Surgery, Anaesthesia and Women’s Health would like the women of Fiji and the Pacific to know.  Getting women to be tested for cervical cancer has been a long-standing challenge despite knowing that the best wa...Read More
Film and TV Production Studies Leads Cagi to Success
Adi Elenoa Titokovesi Cagi enjoyed music so much that she decided to make a career out of it. “I grew up with music as my ‘thing’. Later on, during my high school life, I thought it would be cool to take up Disc Jockeying as a career and even seriously pondered and entertained the idea,” said Cagi. However, this career choice did not go well with her parents. “Of course, my parents, frowned upon this and as the ones financing my education at the time, they had a sa...Read More
The Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur
Arnal Krishn Singh had his career planned out from a very young age. Although he was born and raised on a farm in Lovu, a suburban area just outside of Lautoka city, his interest lied in the health sciences and providing safe and effective medication use. He had his heart set on becoming a pharmacist and opening up his own pharmacy. Today, Singh operates the Getwell Chemist in Saweni, Lautoka. Singh is the eldest of three brothers. His youngest brother is a Doctor at Labasa Hospita...Read More
Numbers in the life of an Accountant
Swastika Darshani was always good with numbers and never shyed away from a numerical challenge.  Being enticed with numbers, it was no doubt that Darshani would one day end up in field that allowed her to discover the logic behind complex equations. “I loved working with numbers. During my high school, I used to score an A+ grade in accounting and maths, so I made up my mind to further dissect numbers and understand the logic behind it.  I realised that accounting was the field I coul...Read More