2020 Stories

The Mechanical Apprentice’s Journey to Success
Deepshay Roy’s favourite pastime while growing up was running an imaginary car repair centre complete with toy cars and pretend customers. His interest in the field had originated from watching his father and grandfather, both of whom were mechanics.  So, it came as no surprise to his parents when he decided to pursue a career in the automotive mechanical field. Roy was born and raised in Wairabetia, Lautoka where he lived with his parents and a younger sister. His father works in the mechan...Read More
The Primary School Teacher
Yashneel Kumar decided to become a teacher because he noticed that teachers were important not only in schools but in the community as well. “People in the community always approach teachers for help. I also care about children; that is why I chose to become a teacher for primary schools,” he added. An only child, Kumar was born and raised in a farming community in Lautoka. He attained his primary education from Vakabuli Primary School and his secondary education from Natabua High Scho...Read More
Hicks, the Engineering Technician
Growing up, Sitiveni Hicks was always interested in lending a helping hand towards the development of Fiji. He saw the importance of having excellent infrastructure like roads and bridges and learnt that all such construction was made possible by engineers. He decided that he was going to become an engineer as well. Hicks took up science subjects at school to build a strong foundation for further studies at university. After completing Year 13, Hicks enrolled in the Trade Diploma in Civil Eng...Read More
Accounting and Ethics
For Farisha Hussein Accounting is not only about numbers but about ethics as well. She enjoyed the thrill of balancing a ledger as an accounting student during her high school student days and appreciated the amount of attention that was required to ensure that all transactions were accounted for. “I loved working with numbers. I was always very fascinated by them. I knew early on that accounting was the field that I needed to be in if I wanted satisfaction in my career,” she said. ...Read More