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1st February, 2024
FNU commences final lap of Enrolment Drive Roadshow campaign

The Fiji National University (FNU) is currently navigating the last leg of its Enrolment Drive Roadshow, weaving through major towns and cities nationwide. On the ground, the dedicated FNU Roadshow team is not just providing academic counselling; they are actively shaping dreams. New and continuing students and parents and guardians were able to receive assistance…Read More

Netani Vuatalevu at the FNU Rakiraki Roadshow
1st February, 2024
From Cane Fields to Civil Engineering

In the heart of Fiji’s sunshine coast of Rakiraki, where the golden rays of the sun kiss the sprawling sugar cane fields, exists an incredible journey of resilience and triumph. It is a journey that begins in the calloused hands of a young boy, whose days were spent labouring under the relentless sun, in Rakiraki’s…Read More

28th January, 2024
FNU Roadshows Ensures Accessible and Convenient Enrolment Services

The Fiji National University (FNU) remains committed to making higher education accessible to Fijians across the country by taking its services to the main town and city centres across Fiji. The FNU Enrolment Drive Roadshow, now in its second week, is helping students and families in rural and remote areas around Fiji access enrolment information,…Read More

27th January, 2024
FNU assist students take flight towards their dream

In a strategic initiative to expand educational opportunities and foster intellectual growth, the Fiji National University’s (FNU) Roadshow team assisted students choose a study pathway and career in which they can flourish and prosper. The FNU Roadshow promises a comprehensive immersion into the diverse programmes offered by FNU, igniting a passion for knowledge and empowering…Read More

23rd January, 2024
FNU empowers individual through TVET and Higher Education programmes

Fiji National University has programmes and courses for everyone regardless of their exam results, says Fiji National University (FNU) Vice-Chancellor Professor Unaisi Nabobo-Baba. The Vice-Chancellor urged students, parents and guardians to visit the upcoming FNU Roadshow venues scheduled to be held from this Thursday to Saturday in the Central, Western and Northern Divisions. She added…Read More