Programme Name Master of Medicine in Dermatology (Quota Based)
Programme Description
The Master of Medicine in Dermatology at the FNU College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (CMNHS) is for a duration of three years. The programme addresses the need for Specialists in Dermatology in the Fiji and the Pacific Islands.
Dermatology is a medical specialty which focuses on diseases that involve the skin. This includes both diseases which primarily involve the skin and diseases for which the skin is one of the components of the disease. In addition, it includes the surgical and other physical management of conditions which involve the skin. It also includes disease prevention, diagnosis, and management.
Master of Medicine in Dermatology is a postgraduate degree which has been developed as a high quality programme, customized to cater for the dermatologic needs of the Pacific region, it has been designed to equip trainees with sufficient knowledge of dermatology complimented with appropriate surgical skills so that they are fully equipped to work as a Specialist Dermatologist within the region.
Majors Dermatology
Minimum Requirement
Entry requirement into the full MMED (Derm) Programme (MMED 1 to MMED 3):
1.	A minimum of 65% overall mark in DMT 801 or from another Postgraduate Diploma in Dermatology recognized as being comparable by FNU academic Committee, or after an entrance examination with a minimum score of 65% 
2.	PGDD award (but less than 65% overall mark in DMT801), together with a mandatory entrance/general exam (with a minimum score of 65%).
3.	Repeat of the PGDD programme and obtained minimum of 65% in the repeat year for the course DMT801.
4.	Eligible for registration with the Fiji Medical Council
The above points must be obtained within the previous 5 years of the proposed year of entry.
For those who have obtained the PGDD and with a minimum of 65% but have exceeded the maximum 5 years’ post-qualification (as specified above) for entry into MMED (Derm) will be required to pass the entrance/general exam (>65%)
Applicants should be a citizen of a Pacific Island country; but outside applicants may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Programme Type Masters
Credit Points Required 460
Campus Tamavua
Duration 3 Years
Year 2
Core Units Offered In
DMT830 - Dermatology III Semester 1,2
Year 3
Core Units Offered In
MED812 - Implementation of Research Project Proposal Semester 1,2
DMT900 - Dermatology IV Semester 1,2