Public Lecture on OER by Dr. Sanjay Mishra

Posted On: March 12, 2019
Open Educational Resources (OER) in the South Pacific

Learning (COL), Canada on 11th March, 2019. His lecture highlighted on ‘Open Educational Resources (OER) in the South Pacific.’

The public lecture made a case for a Pacific approach to OER and urged the setting up of a hub for OER in the Pacific to curate and develop level and curriculum specific OER.  As English is the predominant language in the region, such an approach fits within the regional collaboration framework and priorities. The presentation focused on pathways for FNU to lead and participate in the regional collaboration. The lecture kicked off a formal collaboration with COL for Technology Enabled Learning at FNU that will focus on blended learning development, creation of a formal system for Communities of Practice (CoP) and good practice research in learning and teaching.

The Centre for Learning & Teaching Enhancement (CLTE) took the lead role in organising the lecture with the CFEL team supporting them.

More information on OERs is available from: Open Education Resources

Dr. Mishra with the teams from CLTE and CFEL following the public lecture at FNU.