15. How do I know that I have holds on my account?

A message will appear to notify that you have a hold, and will not allow you to proceed with Registration from Student Self Service.

  1. Open Student Self Service link https://selffnu.ac.fj/StudentSelfService/
  2. Enter username and password
  3. Click on Banner Menu icon
  4. Click Banner → Student → Student Profile → Click on the Hold to view the details and processes affected by that hold


16. Who do I contact if I have a hold on my account?

The different types of Hold are

a. Academic Disciplinary Hold
b. General Disciplinary Hold
c. Write-Off Hold
d. De-Registration Hold
e. Financial Hold


For any query on academic/general disciplinary holds, Student Grievance Officer can be contacted on exams@fnu.ac.fj

However, for any other Holds, the finance team can be contacted on RevenueQueries@fnu.ac.fj