Greetings and welcome to the webpage of the College of Humanities and Education of the Fiji National University.

The College of Humanities and Education, usually referred to by its acronym - CHE - comprises four Schools:

School of Communications, Literature and Language - Based on Lautoka Campus and Derrick Campus (Samabula) with its units offered as mandatory service courses in other programmes at other campuses.
School of Creative Arts – Unistudio, Raiwai Campus.
School of Education – Based on Lautoka Campus with programmes offered also on Derrick (Samabula), Labasa and Nasinu Campuses.
School of Social Sciences – Based on Nasinu Campus with offerings on other campuses as well.

Among the study opportunities made available by CHE, are the following:

Caregiving: Programmes in Aged Care and Child Care continue to attract an increasing number of mature and largely semi-retired professionals looking for new opportunities in the care giving sector. This is evident from the strong demand for the evening classes for Child Care and Aged Care.

Film and TV: A strategic growth area for CHE, FNU and the emerging film industry in Fiji, the Film & TV department has continued to respond well to the demands of different stakeholders both nationally and internationally, and provides a high demand support service for international film crews coming into the country for filming.

Sports: Science: The new programmes in Certificate IV and Trade Diploma in Sports Science provide an exciting and viable study option for those who wish to pursue a career in the sporting industry.

Music: The Music department provides certificate and diploma-level programmes, with the FNU brass band continuing to be a popular item at national festivals and with health promotion activities among communities.

Media and Journalism: With healthy, solid working partnerships with local media outlets Media & Journalism continues to provide students with strong, hands-on industry exposure and experience, all of which continues to move the Department from strength to strength, as it seeks to produce in-demand graduates who are well-equipped to meet industry expectations.

Beauty: Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy continues to provide an essential service in the personal grooming sector in the main urban centres in Fiji, enhancing hairdresser’s skills in the industry. The Department is also assisting in setting up the Fiji Hairdressers Association with the aim of regulating the Fiji Hairdressing code of professional practice.

Graphic Arts: Graphic Arts and Design provide basic graphic arts expertise to a small class and also assists in undertaking signage work for FNU.

Teacher Training: The Lautoka Campus has been transformed into FNU’s teacher training and education Campus with a growing profile in educational research around contemporary educational issues. The School of Education led a major revamp of its teacher training curriculum in an attempt to better meet the teaching needs and requirements of the Ministry of Education, and towards maintaining our integrity as a quality, higher education provider in the field of teacher training in Fiji and across the region. The focus has revolved around providing pre-service and in-service training at undergraduate levels with postgraduate programmes in education as well.

The development of such programmes will open doors to additional employment opportunities for our young people. Our graduates will be able to secure employment not only in Fiji but also in the South Pacific region and abroad. The University’s emphasis on prioritising learning and teaching resources ensures increased quality assurance processes in the delivery of courses and programmes.

As the College grows, it is crucial that staffing capacities on the ground are mentored and that opportunities are provided for staff development. In saying this, it is important that each of the Schools have senior academic staff on board who will be able to provide strategic and intellectual leadership. In linking this to the management of the College, it is imperative that this core of senior managers will provide the much needed teamwork that will propel the College to greater heights of quality scholarship and excellence. Inevitably, research presentations at conferences and publications continue to be the driving factor. As part of the broader intellectual partnerships and College bonding across FNU, and just straight out multi-disciplinary teamwork and collegiality, it should be noted that subject majors in the B.Ed programme have seen combinations between science and humanities, engineering and social science and so on. The School of Social Sciences offers a major in History and Geography as part of the B.Ed (Secondary) programme, in addition to Preliminary and Foundation units in History and Geography. The Department also teaches a unit in Ethics, Values and Governance, which is a compulsory part of all programmes at FNU. English for Academic Studies is the second compulsory unit for all programmes at FNU and both of these mandatory courses are part of the College’s offerings. 

It is part of our educational strategic visioning plan to invest in our students by assisting them in every way possible in carving career paths for their future while meeting the market needs of industries, the private and public sectors, communities and other stakeholders. The joint efforts of students, staff, stakeholders and the College of Humanities and Education will enable FNU to achieve its targeted goals and objectives for the education sector in 2014 and beyond.

A lot of the programmes have come through the merging institutions and as a requirement, they are now due for external review and this will be part of the strategic plan and enhancement processes for the College for 2014 – 2015.

It is my pleasure to welcome our new students who are starting in the Higher Education Diploma in Education programmes through the streams of Primary, Secondary and Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET). We are glad to announce that the Higher Education Certificate in Early Childhood Education is now a revamped programme, supported by the government in terms of sponsorship.

To all returning students, it is our hope that your dreams will be soon realised as you enter the last lap of your learning journey towards becoming qualified and professional teachers, sports technicians in coaching and mentoring, personal trainers, recreational and leisure experts, film and TV technicians, graphic artists and designers, cultural specialists, musicians and creative artists in your respective fields.

Our best wishes for an enjoyable and prosperous academic year.

Dr. Eci Nabalarua | Dean | College of Humanities & Education |

Phone: +679 3394000
Fax: +679 3393172
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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