FNU to work with GCC on nation capacity building

Press Release Posted On: April 29, 2024

FNU Council together with Senior Leadership Team and Great Council of Chiefs Chairperson Ratu Viliame Seruvakula after the discussion at FNU in Nasin Campus.

From bolstering capacity-building to fostering cultural pride, the collaboration between the Fiji National University and the Great Council of Chiefs (GCC) is like a jackpot of benefits for Fiji.

The partnership between the two institutions signifies a beacon of collaborative efforts aimed at advancing Fiji’s societal and economic landscape, the journey towards advancement is intricately woven with the proactive contributions of both FNU and the GCC.

The significance of this alliance shed light on how FNU and GCC’s combined expertise and resources are poised to shape a brighter future for Fiji, GCC Chairperson Ratu Viliame Seruvakula stressed the need to upgrade the skills of the GCC’s vision to take the country forward.

Ratu Seruvakula said the university played a key role in terms of imparting knowledge and skills to help individuals make informed decisions.

While the iTaukei issues are not isolated, he said other races face the same indigenous problems in Fiji. Therefore, proper capacity development building for chiefs is needed, and a collaboration with the Fiji National University would be beneficial. This will enable them to identify solutions to the existing issues.

He added his plan to formulate the Great Council of Chiefs strategic plan is where he needed the expertise of the Fiji National University.

FNU Chancellor and Council Chair Semesa Karavaki welcomed Seruvakula’s request to provide leadership training to the chiefs.

“We can map out from the discussions how we can move forward, not only for capacity building for the GCC but as nation-building and what we can become in the future,” Karavaki said.

“FNU has the capacity to work with the GCC and the FNU Council, and the Senior Leadership Team is prepared to give our support. This is your national university.”

Professor Unaisi Nabobo-Baba, FNU Vice-Chancellor said the discussions with the Great Council of Chiefs Chairperson Ratu Viliame Seruvakula have reinforced the University’s commitment to nation-building.

“By collectively investing in capacity building and leveraging their unique strengths, FNU and GCC are paving the way for a more prosperous and empowered future for the nation and its people,” Professor Nabobo-Baba said.

As the two institutions will continue to work hand in hand towards common goals, she added the impact of their alliance was poised to resonate far beyond the confines of academia and traditional governance, leaving a legacy of advancement and growth for generations to come.

The Great Council of Chiefs, which falls under the Ministry of I-Taukei Affairs, prioritises enhancing the well-being of the iTaukei people through research, cultural preservation, and effective governance at all levels.

This includes strengthening traditional Vanua leadership and promoting access to necessities like WASH facilities, food security, education, and housing. They further aim to achieve sustainable economic growth through community engagement and responsible management of natural resources, ultimately building resilient iTaukei communities.

To achieve these goals, the Council seeks to improve its own institutional effectiveness through performance management and knowledge sharing.