Programme Name Postgraduate Diploma in Chemistry
Programme Description
This Post-Graduate Diploma in Chemistry aims to provide advanced education in biological sciences. This programme enable students to further upgrading their qualification (i.e. M.Sc., Ph.D.) and to prepare students for undertaking diverse types of careers in this field e.g. biological sciences, agriculture, pharmaceutical and environmental industries, biotechnology businesses, as well as the education sector. The programme is structured both compulsory and optional courses and aims to provide students with the flexibility to develop the knowledge and  skills  they  require relating  to  their  interests  in biological sciences. In addition, the programme aims to train students to develop critical research skills (for example, laboratory techniques and data collection and analysis), independence, professionalism and help them improve a capacity for critical thinking and evaluation of information. It also strives to instill in students knowledge of a wide area of Chemistry, and to enhance their communication skills. This programme is designed for students who already hold a relevant undergraduate degree qualification.
Majors Chemistry (all areas)
Minimum Requirement
Postgraduate Diploma is grade point average of 3 out of 5 that is letter grade B and above in BSc or equivalent. Those candidates who do not meet minimum grade point average requirement must have served in relevant areas (teaching, research, industry) for at least TWO years and would have gained sufficient knowledge and developed aptitude to undertake higher studies. 
Programme Type Postgraduate Diploma
Credit Points Required 120
Campus Lautoka,Labasa,Nabua
Duration 1
Estimated Tution Fees - Local (FJD) $5,018.00
Estimated Tution Fees - Regional $15,054.48