Phased re-opening of FNU campuses

Ensuring a return to campus is safe for ourselves and our FNU community

  • Who will be able to enter FNU campuses from October 4?

The first stage of re-opening will ONLY be for students who need to complete practical assignments that cannot be done online. If you are in one of these groups, you will have been contacted by your Department, School or College before Monday the 4th of October. In-person classes are ongoing for these students who have already been contacted, plus two groups of students from the Fiji Maritime Academy who have to complete MSAF exams before the end of November.

Staff in essential student-facing roles who are required to return to work on campus will be contacted by their managers.

Essential staff meetings may take place on campus, at the discretion of the Dean or Director, with all the usual COVID-19 protocols in place. Only fully-vaccinated* staff will be permitted on campus.

In addition to nominated staff who have returned to campus from October 4, fully-vaccinated staff who are experiencing genuine difficulties with working from home may request permission to work on campus; all such requests will be approved on a case-by-case basis by Deans and Directors. If you do not have permission from your Dean or Director to work on campus, please continue to work from home.

Approved vendors and contractors will be allowed on campus subject to all the usual COVID-19 safety protocols.

  • What if I am a student/staff in the category contacted to return to campus but I’m currently residing outside of Viti Levu?

Due to ongoing border restrictions, Students/Staff who fall in this category but reside outside of Viti Levu are required to remain in contact with their course coordinator and line manager. Once borders open, and depending on the situation, you will be advised accordingly.

  • How can students check which units will resume on-campus teaching and assessments?

Students can access this list as per the attachment on the re-opening of campus webpage.

  • What if I am a student/staff not in the first stage outlined above?

Students in other courses are expected to continue their learning and assessments online for the rest of this Semester.

All staff who have not been advised to return to campus will be required to continue working from home.

Students and staff must note that you will not be allowed to enter the University if your name is not on the security list at the entrance of respective campuses.

  • What are the requirements for those contacted to return to campus?

Only students and staff who have been fully vaccinated* (or who have proof that they have been granted exemption from vaccination) will be permitted to enter FNU premises.

They will be required to show proof of vaccination status and their FNU identification card to security at the campus entrance. Failure to show both documents will result in refusal of entry. This is to protect all students and staff. We anticipate that there will be pressure points in the day when people are likely to arrive – just before the start of a scheduled class, for example.  Please allow extra time to enter the campus to facilitate these checks.

In addition, all students and staff must adhere strictly to all the COVID-19 safety protocols while on campus. Deans and Directors must give approval for staff meetings to take place on campus.  Students should avoid social gatherings on campus which do not comply with the safety protocols.

  • What are the safety protocols to be followed while on campus?
      • A face covering must be worn at all times
      • 2-metre social distancing must be observed at all times (teaching spaces have been reconfigured, and room capacities reduced, to maintain social distancing – please respect the arrangements that have been put in place as they are there to protect all FNU students and staff)
      • The CareFiji app must be installed and activated on your device
      • Please wash your hands regularly with soap and water or use a hand sanitiser (sanitiser stations will be installed throughout campuses)
      • Clear signage will be installed across campuses to remind everyone of the COVID-19 safety protocols. Please protect yourself and others.
  • What if I need to enter campus for classes but do not have my FNU Student ID card? 

During your first visit to the campus, you can show a valid ID card such as your TIN/FNPF card, voter ID card, Passport or Driving License to the security officer. The security officer will then contact the Academic Office to confirm your name and Student ID number and check this against the approved list of names. You will then be allowed entry into campus. You must visit the Student Academic Office for a replacement ID card on the same day, as this will impact your ability to return to campus on future days.

Note that the printing of Student ID card is free. FNU has also waived the fee for replacement cards.

  • What if I am a student under the age of 18 years and on the priority list contacted to return to campus but I am not vaccinated or fully vaccinated?

Only students and staff who have been fully vaccinated* (or who have proof that they have been granted exemption from vaccination) will be permitted to enter FNU premises.

  • If I am feeling unwell and have assignments and assessments due, will I still be required to come onto campus?

Students/Staff feeling unwell are required to stay at home and get treated at the nearest health center.  All students will be given flexibility to complete all their practical’s and assessments. Please alert your Dean or Head of School who will attend to your request accordingly.

  • If I begin to feel unwell while on campus, what should I do and where should I go?

Staff and Students feeling unwell must immediately alert their Dean /Head of School/Division Head or Supervisor, who will then ensure that you are taken to the campus Isolation room for further care.

  • What if I am a student/staff contacted to return to campus but have received only one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine?

Students and Staff can only enter the campus if they are fully vaccinated*.

Those who are due to receive their second injection are encouraged to do so as per their vaccination due date and then register to enter the Campus.

  • What services will be available for students who return to campus?

Students will only be allowed to access lecture and tutorial rooms with strict adherence to the 50% capacity in a safe and controlled manner.

All libraries and ICT labs will be open to fully-vaccinated students, but with reduced capacity in order to maintain social distancing. Opening hours for libraries and ICT labs will be as follows;

  • Monday – Friday: 8AM to 8PM
  • Saturday – Sunday: 8AM to 5PM

Please note that it will be mandatory to wear a face-mask when using these facilities.

Outdoor sports will be permitted.

Cafeterias will reopen for take-away service.

Gyms will remain closed.

  • When will other students and staff be allowed to return to campus?

Depending on the progress of the national vaccination campaign and Government advice you will be kept regularly updated regarding wider campus re-openings by email, Moodle, the FNU website, and via our social media channels. Our priority is to manage the return to campus safely for everyone.

  • What are the campus hours?

All FNU campuses will operate between 8 am to 8 pm daily Monday to Friday and from 8AM to 5PM on Saturday and Sunday.

* An individual is considered fully-vaccinated two weeks after receiving the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.