About The Department

The Department of Quality Awards under the 2005 Productivity Charter is required to work in close association with its social partners – government, employers and union representatives and assist in recommending appropriate productivity initiatives to be undertaken. In addition, the National Training & Productivity Centre is also required to carry out a number of key functions to raise productivity in the nation.

The Department of Quality Awards acknowledges that NTPC is similar to National Productivity Organisationsthe world over, who have made significant progress in every facet of their roles. The National Training & Productivity Centre also acknowledges that keeping itself abreast with changes both at a national and global level is necessary. The changes are manifold and require interventions through promotional initiatives and consultancy. This also requires the necessary human resources to execute plans that will be put into place to meet these challenges.

The major deliverables of the department are:

  • Fiji Business Excellence Awards
  • Productivity Promotion
  • Benchmarking
  • Productivity Measurement
  • The National Convention on Quality

Each of these deliverables is further broken down into a number of different activities. For instance The Fiji Business Excellence Awards, comprises of the following activities:

  • Applicant Information Seminar
  • Application Process for Organisations
  • Securing Sponsorship for the Fiji Business Excellence Awards Night
  • Applications from evaluators
  • Training of Evaluators
  • Evaluation Process
  • Feedback and Panel of Review
  • Face to Face Feedback
  • Best Practices Publication
  • Licensing of FBEA Logo
  • Preparing Reports for Council Meetings

Accomplishing the requirements of each of these activities each year is no mean accomplishment as it requires attention to detail and ensuring that it is completed in a timely manner. While each of the activities is completed at the end of each year, a lot more can be achieved in terms of:

  • Reviewing of the processes
  • Identifying ways to improve current offerings
  • Documenting the changes
  • Communicating the change to stakeholders

This can only be achieved and more meaningful changes can be brought about if there was an assistant to help carry out these kinds of reviews or activities. It will then be expected that more analysis, up to date data is made available not only to the department but also to the management team of the organisation.

Furthermore, under Productivity Promotion, the following are some of the major deliverables:

  • Quality Circle registration
  • Information Seminars for the National Convention on Quality
  • Compilation of Quality Circle reports for circulation to the industry
  • Excellence in Education and Green Productivity Programs for schools
  • Model Company Programme
  • Productivity Champion Awards
  • Spirit of Productivity e-newsletters
  • Productivity Awareness Campaign Launch
  • National Convention on Quality
  • Site visits for most of the programmes above.