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27th February, 2023Press Release
Regenvanu far from home in pursuit of passion

Washita Regenvanu’s passion for sailing led him to pursue his dream of becoming a sea captain at the Fiji National University’s (FNU), Fiji Maritime Academy (FMA).  All the way from Uripiv Island on the Northern coast of Malekula Island in Vanuatu, the 23-year-old made his maiden journey to Fiji to study the Diploma in Nautical…Read More

26th February, 2023Press Release
Geros wins an award at chefs event

Fiji National University (FNU) student Brian Patrick Geros was a proud recipient of the Lord Bilimoria of Chelsea Rising Star Award during the 9th International Young Chefs Olympiad in India from January 9 to February 4. Geros competed in the pool stages of the competition and advanced to become one of the top 20 competitors.…Read More

23rd February, 2023Press Release
Naidu – Blessed to be a midwife

Being one of the first people to see newborn babies and helping expectant mothers safely deliver their babies is always a blessing. These was the sentiments of Kartika Salona Naidu, who graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery from the Fiji National University’s (FNU), College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (CMNHS) last December. The…Read More

22nd February, 2023
NTPC highlights Food Safety Training initiative

  Food safety programmes and development initiatives were discussed during a recent meeting between the Fiji National University’s (FNU), National Training and Productivity Centre (NTPC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). NTPC’s Department of National Productivity & Industry Innovation instructor, Vicky Vinesh Narayan said the agenda also discussed current best practices for food safety training,…Read More

22nd February, 2023Press Release
Vanuatu officials visit FNU’s College of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

  Education pathways and opportunities for regional students were recently discussed during a meeting between the Fiji National University (FNU) and officials from the Vanuatu High Commission. The six-member team from the High Commission recently visited the University’s College of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (CAFF) Dean, Professor Paul Iji. Prof Iji said the team, which…Read More