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2nd May, 2024Press Release
NTPC announces revival of Fiji Work Health and Safety Institute

The 2024 Fiji Occupational Health and Safety Conference, hosted by Fiji National University’s (FNU) National Training and Productivity Centre (NTPC), served as a national dialogue on the critical issue of climate change and its impact on workplace health and safety. The conference culminated in a significant announcement – the revival of the Fiji Work Health…Read More

29th April, 2024Press Release
Minister Encourages Graduates to Use Their Education for National Progress

Graduates were reminded the important role they would play in the various workforce and the ensure they use their learning and skills for the betterment of Fiji, region and the international level. These was the address from the Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources and the Chief Guest at the 2024 Fiji National University Labasa…Read More

29th April, 2024Press Release
FNU to work with GCC on nation capacity building

From bolstering capacity-building to fostering cultural pride, the collaboration between the Fiji National University and the Great Council of Chiefs (GCC) is like a jackpot of benefits for Fiji. The partnership between the two institutions signifies a beacon of collaborative efforts aimed at advancing Fiji’s societal and economic landscape, the journey towards advancement is intricately…Read More

20th April, 2024Press Release
Education is a powerful tool for nation-building – Vakalalabure

Executive Chairman Fiji Pine Limited, Ratu Rakuita Vakalalabure shared a powerful message about education being a powerful tool in nation-building to the 528 graduates of the Fiji National University (FNU) yesterday. “This graduation ceremony is a celebration of sacrifices and the unwavering belief in the power of education. Congratulations to the 528 graduates!” Vakalalabure exclaimed.…Read More

17th April, 2024Press Release
A New Era – The Reformation of FNU Law

A new era is in sight for the Fiji National University’s Department of Law. The department that was traditionally under the FNU’s College of Business, Hospitality and Tourism Studies (CBHTS) for the last 10 years, will be relocating to College of Humanities and Education by Semester 1, 2025. Consequentially, CHE formally changes its name College…Read More