Shipbuilding and Fisheries Technology

Introduction & Scope
The Shipbuilding Department programme is intended for shipwright apprentices undergoing training in the shipbuilding technology and repairs. We currently offer a Certificate IV in Shipbuilding programme. The course also prepares our students who are willing to pursue further, their studies in the Naval Architecture field.

We also offer short courses in wooden boatbuilding and fiberglass hull construction. It is designed specifically for people in the industry and those whose interest and hobbies are in the boatbuilding trade. The successful completion of our short courses is a pre-requisite to the Certificate 4 main programme.

The objectives of this course of study are:

  1. To further develop the theory of ship’s structures and methods of constructions and erection on the building berth.
  2. To provide a better understanding of shipyard processes and practices.
  3. To provide instructions in the basic theory of Ship’s design.
  4. To familiarize students with ship’s design calculations.
  5. To further develop the fabrication and welding theory and skills by involvement with more complex ship structures.

The minimum qualification requirements to this programme are:

  • A successful completion of Fiji School Leaving Certificate, with a pass in Mathematics, Physics and Technical Drawing.
  • Boatbuilding or Fiberglass Hull Construction Certificate with a minimum of 3 years relevant industrial experience.