Nautical Science


The Nautical Department is normally referred to as the Deck Department .In this department, we train and groom young boys and girls to become seafarers working on deck as crew or ship’s officers and hopefully one day become a ship’s Captain. To become a Captain, there are different paths that a seafarer can follow:

  • Go to sea as a Deck Cadet after completing Form 6 or Form 7 and pass in English, Math and Physics and follow an approved training scheme. After completing the Cadet Scheme and passing the required examinations, one can join a local ship or a foreign-going ship as a Junior Deck Officer working his way to be a Senior Deck Officer and eventually become a Captain.
  • For those do not meet the above requirement, need to complete the four Safety Courses and then go to sea as a Deck Hand or a Deck Rating. After serving the necessary sea-time, the rating can study for Officer’s course staring from Junior Deck Officer, Senior Deck Officer and finally the Captain or the Master’s course.

After being at sea and having passed the relevant qualifications as a Deck Officer and preferably with a Master Class 1 Certificate of Competency, one can become a Ship Surveyor, Cargo Surveyor, Hydrographic surveyor, Harbor Pilot, Coastal Pilot, Maritime Consultant, Nautical Lecturer, Shipping Agency Manager, Harbor Master, Maritime Administrator, Compass Adjuster, Ship and yacht delivery, Maritime Lawyer.