s3Joash Sanga and Charlee Garae from Vanuatu are excited to be Alumni of the Fiji National University. The year three students in Bachelor of Civil Engineering were one of the many students from the College of Engineering, Science & Technology who now anticipate registering to become members of the association. “We now know we can still enjoy the services of FNU after we graduate like the library and the computer labs,” said Mr Sanga.

The two friends are ecstatic about being a member saying they will now be recognized as FNU alumni everywhere they go. “Now when we go back to Vanuatu we can proudly say we are FNU Alumni and show them our IDs and can always

connect with students back here,” said Mr Garae. The association will be helpful to all regional students who wish to pursue studies at FNU.

“It’s good to know we have something that binds us to FNU and is valid for a lifetime and I’m sure all other regional students will benefit a lot from this, even when we want to come back and further our studies in future,” said Mr Garae. The lads acknowledged the association’s visit and will now register to become members.


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