The Senior Alumni Oficer at the Fiji National University, Arti Nair says the elected committee for the FNU Inaugural Alumni Association is a fair representation of the graduate population of the Fiji National University. 
“The Executive Board portrays a fair balance of age, gender and field of study such as Nursing, Engineering, Humanities, Agriculture and Accounting.
This committee has been elected through a transparent election process making it the decision of the Alumni community – exactly what Associations are about.

“The major responsibility of the Association Executive Board is to lay a solid foundation of goals for the association. The Association leadership strongly supports the FNU Alumni Network thus the ofice bearers will lay the ground rules of the Association followed by a master plan consisting of events, professional development and engagement activities for 2016. Ms Nair said this irst ever Alumni Association is a transitory association where all ofice bearers will serve for a year. 
She added that FNU Alumni Network is an association of graduates who are always a part of the University. Fiji National University Chancellor Ikbal Jannif says by engaging alumni an institution can continue to beneit from their skills and experience. 
He said alumni are important and loyal supporters for the institution as they generate invaluable word of mouth among their social and professional networks. 
“Who better to talk about experience at an institution than those who have been through the institution themselves? By engaging alumni an institution can continue to beneit from their skills and experience.“Alumni are often asked to serve on special committees of the institution because they have been there, they have done that and they know what the institution could have done better in serving them and therefore are able to advise the institution how better to serve the students today,’ said Mr Jannif.

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