president awardTwo of the Fiji National University’s Alumni Award recipients were honored in the 2015 Presidents Investiture Ceremony.

Dr. Ankim Veera Swamy – Class of 1950, Fiji Institute of Technology and Mohenesh Singh - Class of 2014, Fiji National University were both recognized for their distinguished work.

Dr. Swamy, the oldest Alumnus recognized through the University’s Inaugural Alumni Awards in August 2015 was awarded the Honorary Officer of the Order of Fiji by His Excellency the President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau.

The bestowment of this award was for distinguished service of a high degree to Fiji and to humanity at large.

Dr. Swamy, a globetrotter with a profile beaming with major achievements in the field of Engineering has substantially prioritized contribution to his country, Fiji, particularly to the Education sector including his alma mater, the Fiji National University.

 A determined Dr. Swamy at the age of 86 years expressed this recognition was unexpected. “I was humbled with the award given especially by the President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau who has been a friend of mine”, said Dr. Swamy.

 “There is no compromise to hard work, honesty and dedication only if one is determined to learn and serve. One should be prepared to take challenges and not to be deterred by failures but persevere and develop techniques to suit and proceed to achieve the goal. There is nothing better than being humble, caring and proud of the country of your birth. In all this one will need the support of family and friends; in my case it is my wife, without whose support, I would not have been able to achieve the goals,” he said.

Mr. Singh, another alumnus of the Fiji National University and also the youngest recipient of the FNU Outstanding Alumni Award was awarded the Member of the Order of Fiji at the Investiture Ceremony.

The bestowment of the award was for Mr. Singh’s contribution in creating awareness for drug and substance abuse, eliminating violence against women and children, promoting child rights and early childhood education in Fiji.

Mohenesh dedicated his award to the children of Fiji and all early childhood education professionals.

“Many times I was underestimated and seen as a young person only but this recognition has proved that young minds can create history. Through my work and service I managed to touch many hearts and brought lifelong changes in them. Being an advocate of drug and substance abuse, child abuse and eliminating violence against women and children I have a vision of creating safe, secure and healthy living environment for all Fijians,” he said.

The investiture ceremony highlighted achievements of two of FNU’s outstanding alumni and reiterated that age is not a barrier to contribution, dedication and service to one’s nation.

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