Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Making Cybersecurity Awareness Month Meaningful

October month is dedicated to creating resources and communications for organizations to talk to their employees and customers about staying safe online.  Fiji National University continues to be a Champion organization for 2022.

The overarching theme for 2022 is “It’s easy to stay safe online”

This year, we are focusing on four key behaviors instead of weekly themes:

  • Enabling multi-factor authentication/Using strong passwords and a password manager
  • Updating software
  • Recognizing and reporting phishing
  • Ransomware identification and protection.

Planned activities for the Month

  1. Campus Presentations and Quiz
  2. Free Device Security Checks
  3. Online Community Trainings
  4. Cybersecurity Symposium

Everyone has a right to a safe internet, so let’s remember to #BeCyberSmart.