FNU’s CMNHS joins clean-up campaign

Press Release Posted On: July 27, 2023

CMNHS Team involved in the cleaning up campaign.

The medical professionals at the Fiji National University’s (FNU) College of Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences (CMNHS), engaged in the hospital clean-up campaign, contributing to the community and the people, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility.

The college staff teamed up to join the Colonial War Memorial Hospital clean-up campaign last month. CMNHS Dean, Dr William May, applauded the collective efforts of the medical professionals.

“The clean-up campaign exemplifies our commitment to creating a safe and healthy environment for our patients, colleagues, and the wider community. It is a testament to our dedication to holistic healthcare, which extends beyond the walls of the hospital,” Dr May said.

“The CWMH is the biggest health professional education training site for Fiji and the Pacific Island Countries for several decades. It has served patients well over the years and continues its role as a mother institution for all our trainees.”

The University also received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Minister for Health and Medical Services.

“The Certificate of Appreciation bestowed upon our university by the Minister for Health serves as a testament to the transformative impact we can achieve when we unite as a society for a worthy cause,” he said.

“The clean-up campaign served as an opportunity for the medical professionals to raise awareness among the public about the significance of partnerships in the provision of healthcare services. When a society comes together in unity, with a common purpose, the ripple effect of positive vibes is enormous.”

“The collaboration between CMNHS and Colonial War Memorial Hospital showcased medical professionals’ dedication and fostered a spirit of cooperation within its working community.”

“By working together, we demonstrated our shared commitment to providing the best possible environment for all current and future consumers of the services that CWMH offers.”