FNU VC Meets Professorial Peers – An Unusual Moment

Press Release Posted On: March 13, 2024
FNU Vice-Chancellor, Professor Unaisi Nabobo-Baba with FNU Professors

FNU Vice-Chancellor, Professor Unaisi Nabobo-Baba with FNU Professors

For the first time in the history of the Fiji National University, Vice-Chancellor Professor Unaisi Nabobo-Baba was in the company of her professorial peers, the occasion which she also chaired within the university.

Professor Nabobo-Baba said this is unusual in any university to, at any time, including graduation ceremonies, have all professors from the different colleges and schools under one roof and around one table.

“But this just happened at FNU,” she said.

These distinguished professors, each with their unique expertise and contributions, formed a formidable team. Around the table were the six other full professors at the Fiji National University.

  • Professor Paul Iji, Pro Vice-Chancellor Research, and Innovation
  • Professor Mesake Dakuidreketi, Acting Dean College of Education and Humanities
  • Professor Goving Lingam, Professor of Education and Responsible for Professional doctorate degrees at the College
  • Professor Tibor Pasinszki, Professor of Engineering at the College of Engineering and TVET
  • Professor Anand Chand, Professor responsible for the MBA and soon-to-be-developed DBA programme
  • Professor Nii-K Plange, Acting Dean FNU Centre for Graduate Studies.

“Their presence indicated not only the significance of this occasion but also the commitment of FNU towards academic excellence and growth. As they began to discuss the criteria for promotion and its implementation, it was evident that their collective knowledge and experience would be instrumental in shaping the future of FNU’s faculty.”

The Vice Chancellor’s role as both a leader and a peer further exemplified the university’s dedication to inclusivity and collaboration among its academic community.

“The critical review, and robust probing, of the structure of, and promotion in, academic ranking at FNU to achieve two main objectives. First to ensure a fair and common playing ground for academics seeking promotion and second to ensure that those who meet the requirements get their due,” she said.

The Vice-Chancellor emphasised the need for a fair and transparent system that recognised and rewarded faculty members’ contributions in all these areas.

“It was clear that FNU’s commitment to academic excellence went beyond just numbers or rankings; it encompassed a holistic approach that valued not only research output but also effective teaching and positive impact on society,” she added.

An additional note in the deliberations was the support to self-advancement through further studies by FNU support staff.