FNU Graduates Over 400 Students in Taveuni

Press Release Posted On: June 18, 2024

The Garden Island of Taveuni resounded with celebration as the Fiji National University (FNU) graduated 461 students from their Sustainable Livelihood Project (SLP) offered by the National Training and Productivity Centre (NTPC) last Friday.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor TVET, Dr Isimeli Tagicakiverata said that it was a celebration of empowerment, growth, and the pursuit of sustainable development.

“The Sustainable Livelihood Project was designed to foster sustainable livelihood development within rural, remote and maritime communities through non-formal education. By equipping individuals with practical skills and knowledge, we enable them to create sustainable livelihoods and contribute positively to their communities,” informed Dr Tagicakiverata.

He added that the project was perfectly aligned with FNU’s Strategic Plan 2024-2026 and various SDGs.

Vilimaina Toga

Vilimaina Toga

Hailing from the picturesque Qeleni Village in Taveuni, Vilimaina Toga, graduated with a certification in Baking and Patisserie.

Her path to graduation was not an easy one.

“For a fortnight, I carpooled from Qeleni to reach my classes in Somosomo Village,” said a jubilant Vilimaina.

“My mother, Vitinia Lakai, who is a chef at the Matagi Island Resort is my inspiration, and I saw the Baking and Patisserie course as an opportunity to follow in her footsteps.”

After learning about the FNU classes in Somosomo from a friend, Vilimaina seized the chance to pursue her dream. She plans to apply to hotels in the industry and bake for her family at every celebration.

Throughout the course, Vilimaina met people from various villages in Taveuni, allowing her to expand her network and build meaningful connections.

Vilimaina dedicates her achievements to her husband, Mr Epeli Labalaba, her four children, and her mother.

FNU’s National Training and Productivity Centre’s Sustainable Livelihood Project proudly offers 15 different courses, from Wooden House Construction to Fibreglass Boat Repair which are free and fully funded by the government.

A total of 461 graduates, consisting of 309 females and 152 males graduated at the ceremony in Somosomo, with the youngest graduate being a 14-year-old Fijian of Indian descent girl and the oldest graduate being a determined 66-year-old man.


Graduates hailed from across the Province of Cakaudrove, including the districts of Wainikeli, Cakaudrove, Vuna, and Laucala. Among them are 17 Fijians of Indian descent, illustrating the inclusivity and diversity of the programmes on offer at FNU.