Aiming for the Skies: Ambitious FNU Student Eyes Fiji Airways

Press Release Posted On: April 12, 2024

In Fiji’s Suncoast town of Rakiraki, amidst the hubbub of daily life, 24-year-old Matthewselah Ravulo Cornelius Waqawai found himself at a crossroads.

Matthewselah Waqawai presenting in his class at FNU

Matthewselah Waqawai presenting in his class at FNU

Like many young individuals, he harboured dreams and aspirations but was unsure of the path to realise them. Little did he know that a chance encountered would be propelling him towards a future he once deemed unattainable.

“I first came across FNU at their Rakiraki roadshow, a good friend of mine and an employee of the university persuaded me to browse through the programmes which motivated me to continue further studies by pursuing a Diploma in Front Office Operations (Level 5), with the College of Business, Hospitality and Tourism Studies,” said Matthewselah as he recalled the pivotal moment vividly.

“Honestly, I never imagined being a student again after choosing to pursue a career at Volivoli Resort to be able to support my family after COVID but deep down in my heart I did not want to give up on my dreams.”

As a working student, the prospect of balancing work, family, and studies seemed daunting. Yet, the Ra native embraced the challenge with unwavering resolve, knowing that with proper time management and steadfast prayer, anything was possible.

The journey through his studies was not without its trials, but Matthewselah found relief in the supportive environment cultivated by his lecturers.

“The support extended by FNU’s staff is beyond comparison. The lectures are so flexible, and the staff are attentive and always ready to guide us in the right direction,” said Waqawai.

“The support provided by the staff at FNU is helpful especially for us working students. The course coordinators are supportive and understanding, in terms of uploading recorded lectures, assignments, and tutorials online for long-distance and working students which is a huge sigh of relief.”

Behind every success story lies a source of inspiration, and for Matthewselah, it was his family, particularly his mother, who stood as his beacon of hope.

“Things have been tough after losing my father, yet it didn’t stop my mother from providing for me especially playing the role of a mother and father in the family making sure that we are strong enough to take on the world.”

His mother’s resilience in the face of adversity instilled a profound sense of purpose for Matthewselah – to provide for her and honour her sacrifices.

As he envisions his future, Matthewselah remains steadfast in his pursuit of a career with Fiji Airways.

“I always dreamed of joining Fiji Airways and I am hoping I get that chance after completing my diploma so I can provide for my amazing mother,” stated Matthewselah.

“If you are a tourism worker who is double minded about studying further, I would like to encourage you to just take the first step and come on board with FNU. Get your qualification and get that position you deserve or have always been dreaming of.”