Alumni Tracer Survey

1 September , 2020 to 30 September , 2020
Venue: Online
Hosted By: FNU Alumni Relations Office

Higher education institutions periodically run Tracer surveys to determine the effectiveness of their programmes as well as to survey the reach and contribution of their alumni to the society.

FNU has more than 60,000 alumni, most of whom are involved in key roles in their communities.  Therefore, it is necessary and advantageous for the University to access the nature and reach of their alumni.  An Alumni Tracer Survey will also assist in identifying the level and kind of employment FNU alumni are engaged in and how many of them run their own business.

This will not only assist in marketing the University but also inform its decision making in relation to Learning and Teaching.  A Tracer survey for the alumni of FNU will also help in determining how courses and programmes at FNU serve in transiting our graduates into the job market.

We invite our alumni to take part in this survey!

CLICK HERE to participate in the Graduate Tracer Survey