Human Resources

1. Breach of the Confidentiality Agreement

Employees knowingly disclosing confidential information relating to any FNU matter to which the employee has no authority or right to divulge.

2. Breach of Remuneration Policy

Employees not being remunerated fairly and transparently. Improper, misleading or deceptive actions /statements, falsification of records regarding work hours, or misrepresentation of the FNU’s benefits, including health/ welfare benefits, leaves, time-off-in-lieu and flexible working plan.

3. Breach of Recruitment Policy

Discrimination against employees and job applicants based on protected characteristics. Not adhering to the Recruitment policies and standard operating procedures. Recruitment of candidates based on merit not being followed.

4. Conflict of Interest

Non-disclosure of conflict of interest when employees participate in the recruitment, selection, award, or administration of a contract with any party with whom he/she is negotiating regarding potential employment or any arrangement concerning potential employment with the organisation.