Name: Donald John Wilson
Position: Acting Dean College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences
Other Position(s) Held: Associate Professor in Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Section: College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences

Dr Donald Wilson is the incumbent Associate Dean Research of CMNHS since 2019, and has acted in the role of the Dean CMNHS on a number of occasions. He is currently the Acting Dean while Dr William May is the Acting VC.

Dr Wilson is a public health doctor by background, with doctorate training in epidemiology. Following his undergraduate training in medicine, he worked for the Ministry of Health for 7years, before spending 12years in Japan, during which time he completed his PhD in environmental epidemiology, defending his doctorate research on ambient air pollution and respiratory health. He also spent 7years doing experimental research in nanotoxicology, using various cell lines and animal models for toxicological research. Upon returning to Fiji, he became the Head of School of Public Health & Primary Care at FNU in 2016, a post he held for three years, following which he was appointed the Associate Dean Research for CMNHS.

Under his leadership as ADR, the Fiji Institute of Pacific Health Research (FIPHR) was established in late 2019, and its 5-year Strategic Plan was launched in 2020. There are 4 active research centres, with the latest being the Communicable Diseases Research Centre (CDRC), co-funded by the University of Otago, that was launched in December 2021. This centre was established particularly in response to the gaps in infectious disease research that was recognized during the COVID pandemic. It is the hopes of the College, that the Centre will support the Ministry of Health in critical research related to COVID-19 and other such communicable diseases.


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Dr Wilson teaches public health, epidemiology, occupational medicine, research methods, etc to undergraduates and postgraduates (masters and PhD students), and has research interests in public health, NCD’s, sexual and reproductive health, environmental health, communicable diseases, and health systems strengthening, among other topics. As Acting Dean, one of the biggest challenges so far has been ensuring the College is able to attract enough new students for the academic year 2022, which started one month later than normal, following the many challenges posed by the pandemic in 2021.