Name: Unaisi Nabobo-baba
Position: Dean College of Humanities and Education

Professor Unaisi Nabobo-Baba joined FNU as Professor of Educational Research at the School of Education in 2017. She attained her bachelor’s degree, postgraduate and masters from The University of the South Pacific (USP) and PhD from the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Professor Nabobo-Baba has over 30 years of experience in the tertiary sector. Professor Nabobo-Baba specialises in the areas of higher education development in the Small Island States of the Pacific, Teacher Education, Educational Research and indigenous knowledge and education.


PhD., University of Auckland, New Zealand
MA., University of the South Pacific, Fiji
PGDEd., University of the South Pacific, Fiji
BAGCEd., University of the South Pacific, Fiji

Recent Awards and Publications


2007       American Education Research Association (AERA) AWARD-PhD recognition Award - Honoured Scholar:-International and Indigenous Group- Pacific, International and Indigenous SIG, AERA, 2007 Award.

1996       (Gold Medal Winning thesis and Monetary ward by Shell Pacific): for the Best Thesis -Overall in Education & the Social Sciences-Externally examined by Professor Roger Dale, Head Department of Education, The University of Auckland, 1996.


2019-2020: 2 books forthcoming

2017       Va’ai, U and Nabobo-Baba, U (Eds.). (2017, October). Pacific Ontology: Relational Self. Suva: USP Press.

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2014       'Otunuku, M., Nabobo-Baba, U. & Johannson Fua, S., (2014). (Eds.). . Of Waves, Winds and Wonderful Things: A Decade of Rethinking Pacific Education. USP Press, USP, Suva.

2013       NA VUKU NI VANUA: Aspects of Fijian Knowledge, Culture and History.  (EDS): Baba, T; Boladuadua, E, Ba,T; Vatuloka W,  and Nabobo-Baba, U, Suva, Fiji: USP Native Academy Press.

2012       Nabobo-Baba, U; S.Naisilisili; S. Bogitini with T.Baba & G. Lingham. (2012). Rural &Remote Schools in Udu, Fiji-Vanua, Indigenous Knowledge, Development and Professional Support Teachers & Education. Fiji: University of the South Pacific (FAL)/Native Academy Press.

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2004       Nabobo-Baba, U (2004) (with Baba, T, Mahina, O and Williams, N (Eds). Researching Pacific and Indigenous Peoples: Issues and Perspectives. Centre For Pacific Studies, The University of Auckland.NZ.

Book Chapters

2017       Nabobo-Baba, U. (2017). “In the Vanua: Personhood and Death within a Fijian Relational Ontology”. In Va’ai, U and Nabobo-Baba, U (Eds.). (2017, October). Pacific Ontology: relational Self USP Press.pages 163-176.

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2015       Nabobo-Baba, U (To Educate is to Touch the Soul! – Authority and Dignity in “Hearing” Indigenous Samoan Whispers and Fijian Silences” Chapter in Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi, Head of State Samoa’s book on Whispers and Vanities of Samoan Indigenous Traditions. NZ: Huia Press &Samoa: Govt. Press/ National University of Samoa.

2014       Nabobo-Baba, U.  2014. The Mutual Implication of Kinship and Chiefship in Fiji. In Christina Toren and Simonne Pauwels Eds. Living Kinship in the Pacific. London, Berghahn.

2014       Dakuidreketi, M., Nabobo-Baba, U.  & Lingam, G. I. (2014). Rethinking e-education: A challenge for the regional University of the South Pacific.  In Dakuidreketi & Lingam (Eds). Higher Education and Community Engagement in the Pacific: Development and policy issues. USP Laucala Campus pp. 174-191.

2010       Nabobo-Baba, U. (2010). “Epistemological and Philosophical Basis of Sustainable Development: Practices among Indigenous Pacific Peoples: A Fiji Case Study. In Nabobo-Baba”, U; Koyavakauta, F and Teaero, T (ed) (2010) Education for Sustainable Development-Continuity and Survival in the Pacific. (Vol 1). UNESCO/ACCU and School of Education,USP.  pp. 13-25.

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2007       Nabobo-Baba, U (2007) “Teacher Education for new Times: Reconceptualising Pedagogy and Learning in the Pacific” Final chapter of Teachers on the Move: Voices from the Pacific. The University of the South Pacific: PRIDE.pp. 201 -233.

2005       Nabobo-Baba, U (2005) “Talanoa as Instrument for Conflict Resolution in the Traditional Fijian set up and in Modern Government” In Henderson, J and Watson, G (2005) (Eds) Securing a Peaceful Pacific. Canterbury University Press, Christchurch, New Zealand.pp 392-400.

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1998       Nabobo, U. (1998) “Exploring Yalomatua”.  In Thaman K.H. (ed.) ED253 Theories and Ideas in Education: Pacific Vernacular Ideas (Reader), The University of the South Pacific, Suva.

Working Papers


2019-2020: University Women in Fiji and perspectives on COVID-19 (USP Press)

2018-2020: Indigenous Fijian Women Knowledge and Philosophies of Life (USP Press/ Fijian Trust Fund)

Journal Articles & Editorship

2020: Advisory board member CES Comparative Educational Society Journal

2019-2020:   Nabobo-Baba, U (2020) “At Home in the Pacific Five Millennia and Counting: Decolonising Pacific Institutions of Higher Learning and Research Methodologies and the Role of Research Institutions like the Pacific Theological College”, Pacific Journal of Theology, Series II, Issue 58, July 3rd 2020, ISSN 1027-037X

2019-2020: Education in the Pacific Islands (due July 31st) Oxford research Encyclopedia of Education (ORE)

2017 – to date: Advisory Board Member - Global Comparative Education: Journal of the World Council of the Comparative Education Society (WCCES)

2018-2020: Editorial Board Member International Journal of Education (IEJ)

2019: Reviewer: International Journal of Human Rights Education (June 6th), 2019

2013-2017:  Editor: Micronesian Educator: A Journal of Research & Practice on Education in Guam & Micronesian, University of Guam.

2011- 2017: Journal Editor/member- Micronesian Educator (Multiple Journal articles)-

2011 – 2012: Editorial Board Member 2011 – 2012 Micronesian Educator.

2013:      Book Review De assembling School in Micronesia by D Kupferman 2013. 5 Pages. In Micronesian Education Vol. 18, Dec 30. 2013. Pages 197-202.

2013       Farelly, T & Nabobo-Baba. U. (2013). “Talanoa as Empathic Apprenticeship in Pacific Research”, Asia Pacific Viewpoint.

2013:     Transformation from Within Rethinking Pacific Education Initiative. The development of a Move for Social Justice and Enquiry. In the International Education Journal Comparative Perspective. IEJ Volume 12 no.1, 2013 Pages 82-97.

2012      Book Review “What Island” by P K Harmon 2012 pp5 In Area Pacific Inquiry API (Volume 3) No. 1 Fall 2012 pp 136-140.

2010       Coxon, E; Nabobo-Baba, U; Johansson-Fua, S; & H.Tolley (2010) “The sector-wide approach to aiding Pacific Education in the “new aid era” In JUST CHANGE: Critical Thinking on Global Issues. NZ: Global Focus Aotearoa. Issue 18, June- September, 2010. pp. 14-19.

2008       Nabobo-Baba, U (2008) “Indigenous Fijian Cultural Conceptions of Mentoring and Related Capacity Building Implications for Teacher Education”. In the World Forum for Teacher Educators. December, 08 issue. P.10-18.

2008       Nabobo-Baba, U (2008) “Decolonizing Framings in Pacific Research: Indigenous Fijian Vanua Research as an Organic Response” In Alter Native (December, 08 Vol 4, No. 2. 2008. pg. 140-154.

2002       Nabobo, U (2002) “The World in the Pacific and the Pacific in the World: Re-examining development education”. In the British Journal of Development Education.Vol.9.2, February, 2003.pp6-8.

2002       Nabobo, U. (2002). “Deconstructing the world of the school: Indigenous notions of place, space and environment, implications for education - a Fiji study”.  The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, 11(2), 111-136.  Manila, Philippines: College of Education, De La Salle.

2001       Nabobo, U. (2001) “Education and Indigenous Fijians: Challenges – the year 2000 and Beyond” Directions-Journal of Educational Studies. Vol. 23, No. 1, June 2001.  Pp. 56 – 74.

2000       Nabobo, U (2000) “Teacher Education in an Aid Project: The case of the Fiji-Australia Teacher Education project”. Directions: Journal of Educational Studies .22(1) 97-115.

2000       Nabobo, U. (2000) “Incorporating Local Knowledge in Teaching about Education and Society” (Module 3).  In Pacific Cultures in the Teacher Education Curriculum.  IOE, USP in association with UNESCO.

1998       Nabobo, U. (1998) “The Fijian School Dilemma”.  In Fiji First, February – March Issue, pp. 16 – 17.

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1997       Nabobo, U. (1997) “Into the 21st Century – of Vision and New Responsibilities in Union Direction.  A Review of the 1997 Fijian Teachers Association AGM Address”.  The Educator:  Journal of Educational Issues, FTA, Suva, Fiji.

1997       Nabobo, U. and Sullivan, T. (1997) “Collaborative Partnerships:  A New Strategy for Teacher Education in the South Pacific”.  Pacific Curriculum Network, pp. 3 – 6 USP, Suva.

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1994       Nabobo, U. (1994) “Exploring Yalomatua:  Fijian Education and the Missing Link. Directions”. Journal of Education Studies. 16(1), pp. 44 – 45, IOE, USP, Suva.

Teaching Interest

Graduate and Undergraduate
: Curriculum and Evaluation, International & Comparative Education, Ed in Small island States of the Pacific Is, Teacher Education-methods, pedagogy, social science content  Postcolonial Content and Pedagogy, Education Admin, Education Leadership, International Aid and Education-ref to pacific Is, Post Col Theory and Research in education-ref to Pacific is, Educational Research (Qual, Post Qual, and Action research); Education for Sustainable Dev; Graduate mentoring and teaching courses for qualifying-methodology courses and theory (ed/social sciences); Indigenous Knowledge and Education –in relation to  Knowledge systems (Southern theory etc).
Project Evaluation in Education,

Research Interest

Higher Education Development-specific to Fiji/Pac

Teacher Education in Fiji/Pac Is/

Rural and Remote schooling (Access &Equity in Ed)

Education Development in the Pacific Is;

Philosophy of Education & Situated learning

Indigenous Knowledge and Epistemology-Implications to schooling, Socio -Cultural context of knowledge, Decolonizing research and methodologies, Education and Development;

Women and Inclusive Development

Education for Sustainable Development.