Pasifika Campus

The Pasifika Campus which is home to the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences is located at Extension Street in Waimanu opposite the Colonial War Memorial Hospital (CWMH). The Pasifika Campus provides study programmes for the:


  • School of Medical Sciences, School of Health Sciences
  • School of Dentistry and Oral Health.


The campus houses a State of the Art Pasifika Dental Clinic which is no less than some of the best dental clinics in Australia and New Zealand. Pasifika Campus is the only institute that offers degree programmes for Health Sciences namely Bachelors in Physiotherapy, Bachelors in Medical Laboratory Sciences, Bachelors in Medical Imaging Science and Bachelors in Pharmacy in the Pacific. Being situated opposite the CWM Hospital provides easier access to real training facilities ensuring students gain experience in real medical situations during their practical’s and attachments.

The Campus is equipped with the necessary facilities such as the presence of Health Professional Education Unit that facilitates and supports student learning skills, Physiotherapy Gyms, Pharmacy Labs, Medical Labs, Ultrasound Rooms, Radiology Rooms, Pathology Museum, Anatomy Labs, Clinical Skills Labs and Hostels.



The Nursing Campus is located across the Public Health Department, Tamavua Campus, Princess Road, on the hills of Tamavua in Suva. It caters specifically for nursing students under the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (CMNHS). The School has been educating nurses for Fiji and the Pacific Island countries for over a century. Our history states that the first trainer for the nurses in Fiji was a student and close friend of the ‘mother of nursing’, Ms Florence Nightingale. The Campus caters for approximately 900 students with State of the Art learning and teaching facilities such as Anatomy labs, two Clinical Skills Labs and a Primary Health Care Lab. It also has a cafeteria, library and on Campus student accommodation. The faculty members are highly qualified with years of industry experience which makes the nursing programmes one of the most sought after fields in the Pacific.



The Public Health Campus is located near the Nursing Campus in Suva. The Campus houses the School of Public Health and Primary Care, C-POND Research Centre, PacSHR Research Centre and RISE Project Lab under the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. The School of Public Health & Primary Care comprises of three Departments:

  • Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Health,
  • Department of Primary Care and Nutrition
  • Department of Public Health and Health Services Management.


The Campus was the first central Medical School built in 1885 and now concentrates on programmes in Public Health. The Campus also comprises of Nuffield Clinic, Tamavua MCH clinic and is a residential Campus. This Campus caters for students in a wide range of study programmes under the School of Public Health and Primary care.

The following facilities are available to enhance teaching and learning programme: Information Technology (IT) Lab, Environmental Health Lab, Revitalisation of Informal Settlements and their Environments (RISE) Lab, lecture rooms – Assembly Hall, Nutrition Hall, Nutrition Foyer and Research Centre.


Address: Extension Street, Suva

Postal Address: Private Mail Bag, FNU, Pasifika Campus


Phone: +679 3311700