Dear All,

  1. Please ensure that the Class List is generated by all teaching staff (Premium and Student Soft)
  2. No student is to be in class without being enrolled properly in units.
  3. The following excerpts from the UASR applies:

“1.3 Students must comply with the relevant enrolment, exemption and transfer procedures applying to each programme or unit.”

“4.1 All student must:

4.1.1 Ensure that their enrolment and progress in their award programme is lawful and consistent with the rules and regulation of the University. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain current information in the student information system and observe key dates and deadlines.”

For and enquiries please write to us on the e-mail address: Enquiry-Academic(a)fnu.ac.fj

Student Academic Services Staff are available at the following locations for assistance:

Hoodlesss House | Nasinu Campus | Samabula Campus | Koronivia Campus | Nadi Campus | Lautoka Campus | Labasa Campus

Dear Students,

    1. Please ensure your name appears in the class list.
    2. Ensure that you lodge an application for internal cross credit within 3 weeks if your current programme structure has units which were done under a different programme.
    3. For issues regarding class list, visit the following:
  • Fees - Finance.
  • Password/Moodle - ICT Lab.
  • Enrolment - Student Academic Office.

We are currently updating the system information on students' details such as postal and contact details, Birth Certificate and TIN/FNPF letter etc.

    1. Please check your details in OLSS and proceed to the nearest Academic Office to update this information by completing the 'Application for Update of Personal Details' form.
    2. Students with missing details need to attend face to face enrolment at any FNU Academic Office.
    3. It is the students' responsibility to enrol into the units for which they have completed the prerequisite unit(s). All students to check with HOS/HOD on prerequisite as part of counseling. If students are wrongly enrolled , lecturers have a right to remove students at the earliest by asking them to withdraw from the unit.
    4. Ensure that an invoice is generated and compulsory enrolment fees are paid to confirm enrolment.

For all academic counseling please visit the DEAN/HOS/HOD or Academic Officer of the College.


Notice for Students and Staff :
Correct Unit Enrolment &
Class List for Each Term of Study
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