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The Fiji National University medical research team is confident it will be able to develop a cure for dengue fever next year.

FNU director medical research Dr Santha Muller, in an interview with The Fiji Times, confirmed there was a 90 per cent chance of the cure being found in locally-produced fruit.

Dr Muller said they were trying to identify the bioethics compound in the papaya leaf that helped increase platelets production.

"When there is a cut or a wound we do not bleed for a long time because all the platelets rush to the spot and then it clots, therefore when there is an infection in platelets production. What happens is the internal organs get affected, there is internal bleeding and that is why people die of dengue."

Dr Muller said while papaya had been traditionally used in Fiji for treatment they were trying to medically and scientifically prove it could also provide the cure for dengue.

"We have developed all the facilities here. We are waiting for the next dengue outbreak to test this papaya leaf extract, probably give 30ml of papaya leaf extract," Dr Muller said.

According to Dr Muller the last dengue outbreak claimed between 18 to 20 deaths and they are hoping that by the time the next dengue outbreak occurs Fiji will be in a better position to combat this communicable disease.

"For Fiji and in any other country there is no proper treatment for dengue apart from paracetamol, just to reduce the temperature and the body pain."

"Fiji is the first country in the Pacific to do this research and we are working in conjunction with the Malaysian Institute Medical Research."

Dr Muller added the FNU Medical Research laboratory has been selected for developing a dengue fever screening facility and she will be travelling to Singapore to see how they can buy new equipment's to actually do the testing.

Source: Fiji Times Online