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Unit Code: PHE600

Unit Name: Sports Psychology

Description: \"Students will examine and develop the skills of sports psychology relating the psychological preparation to the physical and skills aspect of the athlete. The goal of sports psychology will be thoroughly studied to help students identify unhealthy attitudes and beliefs, apply mental toughness skills and peak performance strategies to achieve optimal levels of sports performance. Within the practical skills area, students will extend in the areas of basketball, soccer and minor games with specific emphasis on ethnic games, continuing to develop a range of teaching strategies and skills appropriate for all sports. The course will also include Tournament organizations and management where students will be required to organized sports tournaments following all proper procedures.\"

Learning Target Outcomes: On successful completion of this course, students will be able to: Apply knowledge of methodology in the real classroom settings; Apply the psychological theories of learning to meet the diverse needs of learners that exist in a variety of classroom settings Utilize a range of teaching strategies within the subject area to meet the identified learning needs of a wide range of pupils, Demonstrate the ability to respect appropriate teachers\' code of conduct. Demonstrate competence and confidence in your ability to teach effectively in the context of the Fiji secondary school curriculum, Utilize a range of ICT resources to enhance pupil learning in their subject areas, Use own analysis and critical feedback from supervising teachers and lecturers to improve quality of planning, teaching and assessment in real classroom situations, Demonstrate skills of cooperation as a result of their interaction with other pre-service teachers, teacher educators under school conditions, Demonstrate skills in various co-curricular activities as a result of their participation in various co- curricular activities during their teaching practice in school, Write reflective journal to record their own development in the understanding of the teaching and learning as co-related processes, Engage in a continuum of professional growth to improve their practice. Demonstrate the basic skills acquired in teaching the subject content to exceptional standards as per Teaching Practice Guidebook Analyze students’ performance based on in class assessments in order to formulate remedial or intervention strategies that will enhance student’s achievement Demonstrate exceptional standards of self-evaluation and self-reflection for improved performances.

Prerequisite: A pass in PHE501 and PHE502

Prerequisite Sentence: N/A

Credit Point: 15

Offered In: Semester 2