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Unit Code: PHE501

Unit Name: Principles and Foundation of Physical Education

Description: The first part of this course will introduce the students to the curriculum of Physical Education. Special attention will be drawn towards the role and place of Physical Education in the school system and the community. The students will study the historical perspectives on the development of physical education through the various ages. A clear understanding of the historical perspective should provide students with the opportunity to comprehend the current and future trends of development. The course will also provide an insight on the relationship of Physical Education, Physical Activity, Sports and Health. Also important emphasis will be placed on understanding on Fundamental Movement Skills and concepts. Finally, students will be exposed to the designing and development of the Physical Education assessment and evaluation methods. The second part of the course emphasis on the student’s personal development and the attainment of basic body movements, a range of teaching skills and strategies appropriate to the teaching of physical education. This will be accomplished by students developing and recording their progress in the skill acquisition of Athletics. The assessment of the student’s acquisition level and athletic skills will be done through written and practical tests.

Learning Target Outcomes: 1.2.1 Distinguish and analyse the role of of PE teachers and status of Physical Education in the school system, critique the role of the Curriculum Advisory Services (CAS) 1.2.2 Discuss the relevance, and importance and benefits of Physical Education and physical activity on students personal growth 1.2.3 Distinguish the relationship between Physical Education, Physical Activity, Health and Sports 1.2.4 Apply and practice proficiency in a range of physical skills essential for planning teaching physical education in Secondary Schools through movement concepts, athletics, and fitness tests 1.2.5 Discuss and analyse understanding of inclusive approach in teaching PE safety consideration, risk management and legal liability related to teaching of Physical Education.

Prerequisite: meet MER

Prerequisite Sentence: N/A

Credit Point: 15

Offered In: Semester 1