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Unit Code: PEB802

Unit Name: Capstone Design Project II

Description: This course comprises the second part of a capstone design project that you as a new graduate might be expected to undertake investigating a research topic relevant to the chosen discipline and designing an engineering solution for the given problem. You already have completed planning and initial work in Capstone Design Project 1. During Capstone Design Project 2, you will undertake sufficient work to produce the design and if applicable prototype of the engineering system which addresses the engineering problem identified in Capstone Design Project 1. The project work will require significant research/investigation, design and reflection. It will also include aspects such as engineering analysis, design, testing and programmeming if applicable. Your given engineering problem will give you an opportunity to integrate relevant knowledge, skills and their application acquired during other courses within your programmeme. You will apply these knowledge to the investigation of an engineering solution and produce a design to address the problem. You will also need to write a report at honours degree level and at acceptable professional standard. This Capstone Design Project activity is undertaken in conjunction with industry or simulates a real engineering work environment, thereby contributing to your experience of Work Integrated Learning. You will be supervised by an internal School supervisor (academic) but you may also have an external supervisor (such as an industry-based practitioner). You will be expected to perform your project work with a high degree of independence and to take ownership of the project. You will be required to present your project outcomes to a public audience with participants from academia and industry. You will need to defend your findings in this presentation.

Learning Target Outcomes:

Prerequisite: PEB801

Prerequisite Sentence: N/A

Credit Point: 30

Offered In: Semester 2