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Unit Code: MUS701

Unit Name: Music Technology

Description: Music Technology prepares students to utilise technology to maximise their teaching/learning experience. The Unit prepares students to take full advantage of computers and sound equipment to successfully create (notation and sequencing), set-up, record and produce music. A major element of the course focuses on live sound reinforcement for live presenters, singers, and instrumentalists. The Unit contains four components: Theory of Sound, Live Sound, Recording Techniques, and Computer- Based Audio/Notation Editing. Theory of Sound: Fundamentals of sound and its properties with focus on harmonics and vibrating instruments. Live Sound: Concepts of live sound (choirs, ensembles, singers and speakers) and Public Address (PA) techniques. Recording Techniques: Introduction to recording choirs and ensembles. Computer-Based Audio/Notation Editing: Software installation, audio/notation editing techniques, music production. Note - Recording Techniques and Live Sound Reinforcement components will include substantial amounts of choral and instrumental ensemble performance.

Learning Target Outcomes:

Prerequisite: MUS600, MUS601

Prerequisite Sentence: N/A

Credit Point: 15

Offered In: Semester 1