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Unit Code: MGT603

Unit Name: Consumer Behaviour

Description: Consumer Behavior is the study of exchange processes involved in acquiring, consuming, and disposing of goods, services, experiences, and ideas. It incorporates theories and concepts from all of the behavioral sciences such as : cognitive, experimental, social psychology, sociology, anthropology and economics. This course covers the factors that influence the product/service choices of consumers. Likewise, the sort of attitudes the consumer possess or forming during the time that you own a product, and how does that attitude or feelings influence or effect on the future purchases. Furthermore, the course aims to develop students’ skills and knowledge and to gain a detailed understanding of vital Consumer Behavior (CB) concepts in both theory and empirical research. Students will be exposed to examine how to practically apply their knowledge to real - world strategic marketing management decision making. Students will also explore the concepts of meeting consumers’ needs and wants so that they become good researcher and marketer. This course has been designed for students who would like to start a career in marketing.

Learning Target Outcomes: 1. Generate an understanding of Consumer Behavior: Its Origins and Strategic Applications. 2. Analyze the importance of Consumer Research 3. Apply Market Segmentation and its importance to the marketers 4. Assess the importance of Consumer Motivation 5. Critically examine the relationship between Personality and Consumer Behavior 6. Interpret the Consumer Perceptions. 7. Analyze the importance of Consumer Learning 8. Examine Consumer Attitude Formation and Change 9. Analyze Communication and Consumer Behavior 10. Describe Reference Groups and Family Influences 11. Evaluate the importance of Social Class and Consumer Behavior 12. Diagnose the Influence of culture on Consumer Behavior 13. Evaluate Subculture and Consumer Behavior

Prerequisite: MKT501 OR equivalent

Prerequisite Sentence: N/A

Credit Point: 15

Offered In: Semester 1