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Unit Code: MEB502

Unit Name: Engineering Material

Description: Fundamentals in structure, properties, and mechanical behavior of engineering materials Structure of materials, chemical composition, phase transformations, corrosion and mechanical properties of metals, ceramics, polymers and related materials. Electrical, thermal, magnetic and optical properties of materials. Materials selection in engineering applications.

Learning Target Outcomes: On successful completion of this course, students should be able to: 1 Analyse, compare and contrast the structure and properties of materials under various manufacturing conditions (WA1, WA 2) 2 Establish the relationship between specific structure and properties of materials, failure and reliability in service (WA 2) 3 Examine the mechanical and thermal conditions of manufacturing processes which shape materials (WA 4) 4 Identify appropriate materials and manufacturing processes for a given product specification which includes reliability and cost effectiveness (WA4,7)

Prerequisite: MER

Prerequisite Sentence: Minimum Entry Requirement of the programme

Credit Point: 15

Offered In: Semester 1