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Unit Code: HTS503

Unit Name: Hospitality Operations I

Description: Customers come into contact with service operations every single day. We are users of wide range of commercial and public services, such as childcare services, hospitals, shops, schools, holiday firms, police services, restaurant, television and the internet. Indeed, many of us are responsible for delivering service not only as part of our friends and families: providing cooking and cleaning services, ?taxi? services, organizing holidays and providing emotional support services. Thus thiscourse aims to provide an overview of the hospitality Industry, its career paths, the tourist, International and local organizations, duties and responsibilities of major operational departments and the property management systems of the services.

Learning Target Outcomes: N/A

Prerequisite: Pass in Year 13

Prerequisite Sentence: The student must have passed Fiji Year 12 Certificate Examination (Form 6) or consent from HOD.

Credit Point: 15

Offered In: Semester 1