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Unit Code: HTS501

Unit Name: Introduction to Tourism

Description: Tourism is alive with dynamic growth new activities, new destinations, new technology, new markets and rapid changes. Tourism is an activity which cuts across conventional sectors in the economy. It requires inputs of an economic, social, cultural and environmental nature. The Tourism industry is global. It is a big business and will continue to grow.This course examines mass Tourism, purpose, types of Tourism and purpose of travel, the different international/local Tourist organization, the impact of Tourist, destination mix, government involvement in policy and regulations. It evaluates the importance of Tourism marketing and Tourism promotion.

Learning Target Outcomes: N/A

Prerequisite: Pass in Year 13

Prerequisite Sentence: The student must have passed Fiji Year 12 Certificate Examination (Form 6) or consent from HOD.

Credit Point: 15

Offered In: Semester 1