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Unit Code: GAD430

Unit Name: Intermediate Computer assisted Graphic Design

Description: This unit aims to develop a competency amongst students in graphic design. Using advanced design/graphics software and Apple/IBM & compatible computers to develop a design from a concept, right up to a finished product. The student designer will be taught basic and advanced artwork generation, computer layouts, logo design, banner and billboard design as well as electronic art for web publishing. Computer Aided Graphic Design is one of the core units and is taught to students in the 3 Semester programme. Students learn to use InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop which is part of the Adobe Creative Suite (CS5+). The goal of this unit is to obtain intermediate competency in the creation of improved page layouts, design and typography. Assignments are geared toward the intermediate-technical aspects of page layouts and design using grids, detailed layout specifics and developing illustrative forms for print-production. These are translated to web publishing as well as the traditional screen printing method of production.

Learning Target Outcomes:

Prerequisite: GAD424, GAD417, GAD408, GAD420, GAD413

Prerequisite Sentence: N/A

Credit Point: 12

Offered In: Semester 2