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Unit Code: DNS587

Unit Name: Marine Environmental Awareness & New Development

Description: This course covers the Marine Environment Awareness focuses on the contribution of the human element to the prevention of pollution and is intended to educate, stimulate and empower Officers on board vessels to to contribute to environmentally sound shipping and to ensure compliance with pollution prevention measure sand the Innovation in the Shipping Industry which is deemed necessary to obtain the depth of knowledge required under various competences of section A-II/1 & AII/2 of the STCW code for a watchkeeping officer on ships of 500gt or more.

Learning Target Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this unit, the student is expected to: • Appraise the importance of shipping for the world economy and the environmental impact of shipping • Distinguish the importance of the oceans, marine ecology, difference between coastal seas and open oceans including Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas(PSSA\'s) • Discuss Regional Marine Areas, Discharge to the sea and reputation of shipping. • Categorize the introduction of invasive species including ballast water and the impact to the marine environment • Demonstrate the basic understanding of Pollution prevention measures • Describe the importance of personal involvement and personal responsibilities towards the environment.

Prerequisite: Successfully completed DA5 / Class 3 Master

Prerequisite Sentence: N/A

Credit Point: 12

Offered In: Semester 2