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Unit Code: DNS488

Unit Name: Watchkeeping II

Description: This course provides students with knowledge of the regulations regarding watchkeeping on the bridge, knowledge of utilisation of the international regulation for preventing collision at sea, IALA system of buoyage, responding to emergencies, ship manoeuvring/handling and ability to transmit and receive information by visual signaling.

Learning Target Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this unit course DNS488, the students is expected to: • Discuss application and intent of the collision regulations for preventing collision at sea,1972 as amended • Apply principles of navigational watchkeeping at sea, including under pilotage, and watchkeeping at anchor and in port; • Demonstrate emergency procedures and understanding magnetism effects on compass. • Demonstrate skills in ship handling and proper use of Bridge Equipment. techniques to safely maneuver different types and sizes of vessels under various conditions • Discuss International code of signals and signaling by Morse code • Ability to understand the Buoyage system in IALA A & B Regions

Prerequisite: Successfully completed DA1 / Class 5 Master

Prerequisite Sentence: N/A

Credit Point: 12

Offered In: Semester 2