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Unit Code: CSC501

Unit Name: C++ Programming for Engineers

Description: When engineers design and develop engineering applications, they are likely to encounter a range of complex engineering problems that are not simple to solve, analyse, design or simulate. This course will teach you how engineers can tackle these problems using C++ computer programming. This course is designed to teach the basic concepts of computer science, structured programming and object-oriented programming. A basic explanation of how a computer is built and runs is given. Details of the syntax of the C++ programming language, including common keywords and operators are taught. Loops, arrays, and functions are covered in depth. String manipulation functions and reading and writing to files are explained and implemented. The course also covers the fundamentals of structured programming, functional programming, and object-oriented programming design. Sorting algorithms and recursions are strongly emphasized. There are extensive accompanying labs which include many engineering-related applications and practical examples.

Learning Target Outcomes: On successful completion of this course, you should be able to complete the following: Engineering knowledge 1. Apply knowledge of computing and engineering fundamentals to the solution of complex engineering problems (WA1 Engineering knowledge). 2. Problem analysis Develop from the qualitative description of the problem computational models derived from fundamental principles and justifiable assumptions. (WA2 - IoA 3 – Problem analysis). 3. Select appropriate programming techniques and apply these proficiently in determining a solution to the problem (WA2 - IoA 4 – Problem analysis). Modern tool usage 4. Apply the C++ programming language to determine solutions to engineering problems (WA5 – IoA 2 – Modern tool usage).

Prerequisite: MER

Prerequisite Sentence: Minimum Entry Requirement of the programme

Credit Point: 15

Offered In: Semester 2