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Unit Code: COM304

Unit Name: Workplace Communication

Description: COM304 will strengthen the skills students acquired in COM303. Students will learn to communicate and relate their experiences from work done in the respective fields or industries and strengthen their literacy level through reading materials and exercises from various sources. Tasks will be realistic and contextualized to the respective fields. Appropriate class exercises and activities will build on students\' confidence, communication skills, and reading and writing abilities. The course is a competency-based course with 100% coursework.

Learning Target Outcomes: On successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Relate to industrial experiences in-class exercises and oral activities. 2. Demonstrate abilities to read and write clearly in the English language. 3. Record specifications and technical details clearly and accurately. 4. Interpret processes relating to their field. 5. Demonstrate abilities to follow instructions and give clear directions in English.

Prerequisite: COM303

Prerequisite Sentence: N/A

Credit Point: 5

Offered In: Semester,Quarter 2