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Unit Code: CIN628

Unit Name: Internet and Web programming

Description: This course offers students an understanding of developing their analytical, logical, and reasoning capacity while increasing their technical knowledge of web applications, information technology, and programmeming. The course provides the student with a practical foundation in using high level languages that are common in developing, integrating, and interfacing to business and other organizational information systems. ASP.NET, PHP, or JSP scripting language will be used for dynamic web application.

Learning Target Outcomes: On successful completion of this course, students should be able to: 1. Analyze dynamic web page and servers. 2. Evaluate the concepts and principles of building a web page. 3. Evaluate the use of cascading style sheets to design the site appearance, write style rules, work with basic and advances selection techniques. 4. Integrate CSS with XHTML analyze more elements. 5. Evaluate and convert the existing XHTML into HTML5 6. Demonstrate the use of jQuery and Bootstrap 7. Evaluate and create a responsive design that be be easily adapted to any media device

Prerequisite: CIN501 or equivalent

Prerequisite Sentence: Minimum Entry Requirement of the programme

Credit Point: 15

Offered In: Semester 2