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Unit Code: CED602

Unit Name: Hydraulics II

Description: Hydraulic engineering is a sub-discipline of civil engineering. The civil engineer actually develops conceptual designs for the various features which interact with water such as spillways and outlet works for dams, culverts for highways, canals and related structures for irrigation projects, and cooling-water facilities for thermal power plants. Before beginning a hydraulic engineering project, engineering technicians must figure out how much water is involved in this project to assist civil engineers in designing hydraulics structures for the community and industries. In this course you will learn, the basic theories of laminar flow, turbulent flow, boundary layer, dimensional analysis & model studies, open channel design. It also deals with the application of these theories for the civil engineering problems such as pipe design, pipe network analysis, turbines and pumps etc. The whole course has been divided into four units as described herein.

Learning Target Outcomes:

Prerequisite: CED506

Prerequisite Sentence: N/A

Credit Point: 12

Offered In: Semester 2