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Unit Code: CEB614

Unit Name: Structural Analysis

Description: When engineers are required to analyse a structure, it is required to have known about the analytical behaviour of various structural elements under various action of loads in order to carry out the design. This course will help you to understand the force systems in equilibrium behaviour, concepts, principles, various loading actions and their effects while analysing a statically determinate and indeterminate structures. Being an engineer, excellent comprehension is necessary on how to make structural analysis for buildings, bridges, and other structures. This course is also expected to enable a good understanding of how standard software packages (routinely used for frame analysis in design offices) operate like SPACE GASS, Strand 7 SAP, STAAD.PRO, and ETabs. You will develop the necessary skills through laboratory experiments which include determining the horizontal displacement of a two hinged arch, determination of flexural rigidity of a beam, Finding deflections of different types of beams and pin connected truss. Student need to model different types of beams, frames, and trusses under different types of loading conditions for assessment of their effects and need to compare the software analytical results with the class room problems.

Learning Target Outcomes:

Prerequisite: MEB503

Prerequisite Sentence: N/A

Credit Point: 15

Offered In: Semester 1