Programme Name Postgraduate Diploma in Emergency Medicine (Quota Based)
Programme Description
The Emergency Medicine teaching programme will develop a sound knowledge base and practical skill competency in the acute 'first-port-of-call'. Healthcare setting in the Pacific Region. It aims to improve performance skills in:  history-taking;  physical examination;  ordering of appropriate primary/secondary investigations , their interpretation;  diagnosis , initial management (resuscitation/stabilization) of most, if not all, reversible acute disorders;  emergency interventions at primary care level;  communication with other medical practitioners(at all hierarchical levels) and administration of an Emergency Dept. of a Health Care Facility. The Diploma in Emergency Medicine is the first step in the development of Emergency Medicine as a fully-fledged clinical discipline which will greatly improve the delivery of Healthcare to the people of Fiji and other Pacific Island countries.
Majors Emergency Medicine
Minimum Requirement
1.	Applicants require a minimum of three years’ work experience as a doctor after graduation with an MBBS degree or equivalent from a recognised institution. Ideally, for the Postgraduate clinical programmes, one of the three years post-MBBS would have consisted of practice within the specialty area of study. A waiver to these pre-requisites can be made in special circumstances at the discretion of the HOS in consultation with discipline/unit head and the Postgraduate Advisory Committee (PGAC).  A character and work-related reference/testimonial from the most immediate supervisor will be required.
2.	Applicants must complete the prescribed application form. This form may be submitted either electronically or in hardcopy
3.	Applicants must be registered with the Fiji Medical Council (FMC) prior to the commencement of the academic year.
Applicants should be a citizen of a Pacific Island country; outside applicants may be considered on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the HOS in consultation with discipline/unit head and the PGAC.
Programme Type Postgraduate Diploma
Credit Points Required 120
Campus Pasifika
Duration 1 Year
Estimated Tution Fees - Local (FJD) $16,223.00
Estimated Tution Fees - Regional $16,223.00
Year 1
Core Units Offered In
EMD800 - Emergency Medicine I Semester 1,2
PBH803 - Pacific Public Health 1,2